• vibhu

3D sculpting with blender

today i learned how to sculpt 3D models in blender! above is the model i made(and the first model i've made in blender).

i had only previously dabbled with 3D modeling in 3D paint and photoshop, but blender gave me the freedom to sculpt and refine as i like while creating models. although blender is more advanced, i taught myself how to use the sculpting tools and experimented. i am still struggling with adding textures in blender and animating, so i ended up exporting the colorless model as a .stl file and opening it in photoshop(which supports .stl files, so that's cool!). i then colored and animated the model with photoshop's 3D workspace.

i hope to get better at blender, but i'm very glad i learned how to properly do 3D sculpting beyond my 3D paint monstrosity creations. i can't wait to experiment more!

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