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painting with light

today i watched a video about a photography technique in which photographers "paint" with light. you can watch the video here:

photographers do this by using a slow shutter speed(longer exposure to light) and using moving lights to create a trail in the photo. then, by overlapping photos with different light trails in the editing process, the photographer creates a design out of light.

in the video, the photographer discusses his creative process in creating light paintings in his photos and how the lights of finland inspire him. he first sketches out his ideas to get a general idea for his composition. then, using a dark location, he uses the shutter speed to capture each of his light trails and overlaps them to create dynamic and beautiful photos. i am actually going to do a photography project on this in the coming weeks, which i am excited for! i think that this is an incredibly creative use of shutter speed to create beautiful artwork. as someone who is more oriented towards illustration and digital painting, i can appreciate this technique a lot.

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