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peace sign design

today i read an article about how the peace sign was created. you can read it here:

this article specifically focuses on the peace sign symbol that we are familiar with.

the peace sign was created by gerald hotom during the british campaign for nuclear disarmament in 1958. the vertical line down the center represents the flag semaphore for the letter D, while the two diagonal lines at the bottom represent the flag semaphore for the letter N. these come together to represent nuclear disarmament, but later became an anti-war symbol after world war 2.

i appreciate the design of the peace sign much more now, given that i understand the context behind it. i love intentionally-designed symbols, so i have a lot more interest in how the peace sign came to be. however, i'm also curious as to what other symbols can be devised for the peace sign and i would like to somehow explore that.

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