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pool noodles for cyclist safety

today i read an article about a simple yet innovative way for bicyclists and motorcyclists to stay safe on the road: pool noodles. you can read the article here:

because of how small and unnoticeable they are, cyclists are often invisible to other drivers and as a result are at more risk on the road due to careless drivers merging lanes. however, with a bright pool noodle attached to the bike's rear, drivers can more easily notice people riding bikes. additionally, positioning the noodle such that the left end extends beyond the bike allows car drivers to note a safe passing distance between them and the cyclist. i think that if i ever end up using my bike to commute, i would definitely use this method. not only is it useful and simple, but also seems like a fun addition to have on a bike. also, i think that encouraging this would contribute to more eco-friendly transport; a lot of people are hesitant to ride bikes on main roads due to lack of safety, so this technique would be promising to more people and would encourage them to cut down on gasoline usage.

also, it's an added bonus if you go to the pool often.

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