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swiss cat ladders

today i read an article about cat structures incorporated into buildings in switzerland. you can read the article here: these cat structures are commonly seen inside buildings around the world, but bern, switzerland incorporates these structures into public exterior spaces. this is useful for cats because, contrary to myth, they aren't able to land safely after jumping from extreme heights. additionally, cats' mental wellness can be impacted significantly if they are not allowed outdoors, making the ladders useful for them to go and explore.

what is particularly interesting about these structures is the fact that they require community approval to be built. some of the cat ladders are placed on the sides of apartment buildings, spanning from window to window for the cats to have easy access. this means that all neighbors are down with the idea and want to provide these structures out of concern and reverence for the cats.

i find it touching that people in bern have empathy for cats' physical and mental wellbeing, as well as their willingness to make a community effort to provide for such structures. i hope that we can all someday have that kind of compassion for others, human or not, and work together for a better future.

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